At a first glance, my work appears to be a seemingly scattered array of photos, sometimes with an unusual color palette. Each series of mine conveys a message that focuses on a specific personal memory. My photos are my outlet for me to express these memories that I can showcase most clearly, and the color choices I use are a reflection of my interest in "pushing the sliders to the max" while editing my work. While I have worked with several different mediums over the years, my tie to photography remains just as strong as it was back when I received my very first digital camera. My work focuses on different themes and concepts, and ranges from expressing something simplistic such as my stage fright, to themes of uncertainty for the future, life moving too fast, and inadequacy.

The mood in my photographs shifts constantly as they reflect different emotions, or when I learn something new in a class. These personal and often gloomy photographs are juxtaposed against my upbeat, brighter works. These brighter photos focus on my interest in learning new photography techniques such as light painting, extreme angles, and color design. I occasionally will push these techniques to the extreme and create a work that illustrates the fun in going against the norms of photography, and embracing the joys of something chaotic rather than something pretty. I enjoy learning new things about photography and how to use these techniques to further illustrate the inner workings of my brain and my thoughts. While I do not label myself as an "artist", my work is a reflection of the inside of my head and the confusion that comes along with an unpredictable future.